Discover the Art and Science of Self-Healing based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.”

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

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My Professional Background

Over the last 30+ years I’ve been dedicated to my life’s mission which is “to inspire and empower conscious and healthy living and help build a new health care paradigm based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing“.

0 +
years of experience

Working with clients resolving chronic body-mind symptoms

0 +
Years Teaching Worldwide

The Art and Science of Self-Healing and Lifestyle Medicine

Books Written

About Biofeedback, Energy Medicine, Self-Healing, Quantum-Neuro-Biology

+ Studied & Practiced Meditation, Yoga, Alternative Healing Methods

+ Trained as an Energy Medicine and Psychology Practitioner

+ NLP, Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner & Trainer

+ Biofeedback Imaging Technology Developer

+ Founder National Yoga Month Awareness Campaign
and National Observance September (USA)

+ Heal Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

+ Director/Producer of the documentary films‘Titans of Yoga’ and Lifestyle Medicine

+ Producer Lifestyle Medicine Summits & Conferences

Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions University

+ Author of 5 books including ‘The 6 Root-Causes Of All Symptoms’

+ ThermoBuzzer Thermography System developer

+ Master’s and Doctorate Degree Programs in Health Coaching

Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD

What can you expect from a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Consultation? 

After the initial session, most clients remark that for the first time they understand:

  • Why they have symptoms;
  • Which specific stressors, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits are intimately linked to their symptoms;
  • Which steps they need to take to heal and thrive.
6 Root-Causes of Symptoms

Typically, during a consultation I’ll guide you through the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching process:

Can you improve 1% every day?

Just imagine where you will be in 90 days!

Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD

Which Root-Causes Affect Your Symptoms?

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is a science-based breakthrough method based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy helping you to reverse your chronic symptoms by addressing all 6 root-causes.


Toxins, genes, accidents and other risk factors are important. But in most cases they don't explain chronic symptoms. Go beyond symptom treatment and managing your disease.


Unless you know what's triggering you into stress how can you break the vicious chronic cycle? Learn which specific stressors are affecting your chronic symptoms.


Unresolved emotional hurts from past experiences are known to fuel symptoms. We use highly effective techniques to help you release these unwanted energies.


"I am not good enough.", "There's nothing I can do." Once you are aware of your limiting beliefs it's actually easy to change them and establish positive thoughts.


The impact of your relationships and environment is way more powerful than you think. Start designing healthy and supportive relationships.


Without vitality and a strong immune system your body won't have the energy to heal and thrive. Use our common-sense nutrition & fitness protocols.

Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD

Feedback From Health Professionals

Johannes has worked for more then 15+ years and truly master the root-cause and lifestyle prescription. He has so many tools and strategies. This man is a genius!
Dr. Stephane 'Awesome' Provencher
Founder Gainesville Holistic Health Center USA
Johannes gets to the point quickly using his huge knowledge of the body-mind-social connection together with his ability to ‘read’ your feelings.
Christa Krahnert ND
Second Opinion Specialist
Johannes is a visionary in health and healing. With his incredible knowledge and expertise, we can all be led into transformed health. I’ve always found his guidance to be genuine, kind and generous.
Avnita Suri, LPHC
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach
I love his solution focused down to earth approach. He is full of inspirational ideas and is a true visionary.
Jo Trewartha, LPHC
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach​
Johannes’ passion and dedication to root cause analysis and Lifestyle Prescriptions® is a gift to humanity which will leave a long legacy.
Kim Knight, LPHC
Kiwi Health Detective
I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.
Dr. Anton Bader
Medical Doctor, Brain Relay Diagnostics Specialist
Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD


Lifestyle Prescriptions® University and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching are accredited by national and international organizations.

I am a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Specialist by the Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation

Completed the 500-Hours Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Health Coach  Specialist Training (24 months)

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching has been accredited as a modality by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

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