The Science Of Reversing 80% Of Chronic Symptoms

Many of us are so used to managing a disease and symptoms that we often forget to ask the most important question:

  • Is it possible to reverse my chronic symptoms?
  • Can I fully heal?

Over the last decades research in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching has shown that the majority of chronic health issues can not only be stopped but reversed using comprehensive lifestyle modifications into our life. The science is sound. We know it works.

But the biggest challenge is knowing what to do. It can be really confusing especially considering the flood of information and online articles about diet, exercise and stress management.

You might ask yourself: What should I do? Which lifestyle changes do I really need?

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been trained as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching which combines

  • Root-Cause Analysis (finding the WHY and the specific root-causes of your symptoms) and
  • highly personalized and targeted Health Coaching Techniques & Protocols known to produce quick and sustainable results.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is fast. You’ll see results right away.
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is extremely satisfying because you get answers.
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching works. Even if you decide to improve just 1% each day!

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Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching– Research

Here’s a small selection of research studies showing how our lifestyle habits affect our symptoms and how the majority of chronic symptoms can be reversed.

Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine

Emotions and Health related Research

Traumatic Events, Stress & Social Research Studies

Writing Lifestyle Prescriptions® – Research

Lifestyle Prescriptions Pad

Over the last decade there’s been increased awareness about the need to provide options to clients and add lifestyle based prescriptions to increase compliance and health outcomes.

* To clarify, Lifestyle Prescriptions® is the exclusive worldwide trademark of Lifestyle Prescriptions University and can only be used after completing a course or training and being approved by Lifestyle Prescriptions University

Lifestyle Prescriptions® practitioner are focusing on all 6 Root-Causes which include stress management, emotions, beliefs, social stressors and lifestyle habits like nutrition/food, exercise, sleep.

Other non-trademarked names used are:

    • Green Prescriptions (prescribing exercise)
    • Healthy Prescription (mostly focusing on healthy foods)
    • Social prescriptions (focused on social lifestyle improvements)
    • Nature prescriptions (like walking in nature, etc.)
    • Nutrition Prescriptions (food and diet based)

Research showing the efficacy of prescriptions lifestyle includes:

The science is compelling. We know Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Prescriptions specifically work. Now, its time for you to take action – let me help and guide you.

More research details are available at www.LifestylePrescriptions.TV.

By Yuan Fisslinger PhD(C)

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