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Dr. Nicole Francis Cotton & Roy Cotton Jr., Founders Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Centre St. Maarten Caribbean 

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  • Frustrated about your chronic symptoms
  • Confused about WHY you’ve got them
  • Ready to go beyond treating symptoms only
  • Open to addressing the actual root-causes
  • Looking for fast, sustainable results.

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Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD

Which Root-Causes Affect Your Symptoms?

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is a science-based breakthrough method helping you to reverse your chronic symptoms by addressing all 6 root-causes.


Toxins, genes, accidents and other risk factors are important. But in most cases they don't explain chronic symptoms. Go beyond symptom treatment and managing your disease.


Unless you know what's triggering you into stress how can you break the vicious chronic cycle? Learn which specific stressors are affecting your chronic symptoms.


Unresolved emotional hurts from past experiences are known to fuel symptoms. We use highly effective techniques to help you release these unwanted energies.


"I am not good enough.", "There's nothing I can do." Once you are aware of your limiting beliefs it's actually easy to change them and establish positive thoughts.


The impact of your relationships and environment is way more powerful than you think. Start designing healthy and supportive relationships.


Without vitality and a strong immune system your body won't have the energy to heal and thrive. Use our common-sense nutrition & fitness protocols.

Can you improve 1% every day?

Just imagine where you will be in 90 days!

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What can you expect?

After the initial session, most clients remark that for the first time they understand:

  • Why they have symptoms;
  • Which specific stressors, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits are intimately linked to their symptoms;
  • Which steps they need to take to heal and thrive.
6 Root-Causes of Symptoms

Typically, during a consultation I’ll guide you through the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching process:

Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD

Feedback From Clients

I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.
Dr. Anton Bader
Medical Doctor, Brain Relay Diagnostics Specialist
I love the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching down to earth approach. He is full of inspirational ideas and is a true visionary.
Jo Trewartha, LPHC
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach​
During our coaching session Dr. Francis Cotton conducted a root cause analysis using the Lifestyle Prescription® Method and helped my headache to go from 10 to 0 in a few minutes. She identified that it was my fear of confrontation and my inability to set boundaries that was creating this negative energy in my body and increasing my stress levels. Through her coaching, now I know my limits and boundaries. I am standing up for myself and speaking out when I need to. I also realize that some conflicts are good; and knowing how to speak up for myself makes me feel light, sure of myself, and know how to handle conflict.”
Minister Dorothy Dechausay Boezerman
Motivator & Counselor at Rapha Ministry, St. Maarten
Doctor in Lifestyle Medicine LMD

My Accreditations

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching and our health center is accredited by national and international organizations.

We are certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches by the Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation

We’ve completed the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Health Coach  Training (12 months)

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is approved as a Continuing Professional Education CE/CPD training school

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching has been accredited as a modality by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

Dr. Nicole Francis Cotton and Roy Cotton Jr.
Our Professional Background

Trust is one of the most important factors in a health coach-client relationship. I know I can help you and my hope is that you take the first step and book a complimentary Root-Cause Analysis Consultation. Here are some of my credentials:

0 +
years of experience

Working with clients resolving chronic body-mind symptoms, marital and relationship challenges

0 +
Years Of Experience

Developing and transforming communities and people

Books Written

Dr. Nicole E. Francis Cotton
‘It’s Time for Change’, ‘How to Thrive in Trying Times’, ‘Success from the Heart’, ‘Love is Forever …’

Dr. Nicole Francis Cotton

Visionary/Director, Victorious Living Foundation St. Maarten
Bestselling co-author ‘Success from the Heart’
Master’s in Counseling in marriage and family therapy
Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, Grace Hill Bible University
Certified Success Coach: International Coaching Federation
BA in Psychology, University of Tampa
Chair of the Counseling Degree Department, 
Grace Hill Bible University, St. Maarten Campus
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Roy Cotton Jr

Interpersonal and professional development coach
+ Radio show of ‘Love and Inspiration’ (1.9 million listeners)
+ Former Instructor and Personal Development Coach to police, prison guards, customs, and immigration recruits within the Ministry of Justice, St. Maarten
+ Former instructor at University of St. Martin
Post graduate certificate in Inter-cultural Group Therapy & Counseling from the University of Goldsmith, London, UK;
Studied Person-Centered & Psycho-dynamic Counseling at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK;
Diploma in Nursing & Health Care
+ Have recently co-authored and released a new book entitled, “Redesign Your 9-to-5”
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

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